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Fashion Images Through the Decades

fashions This exhibit featured clothing styles from the 1880’s through the 1980’s at the Dacotah Prairie Museum in the Lamont Gallery.

Titled “Fashion Images Through the Decades,” the exhibit explored the way fashion has evolved over   the last century. Clothing, hats, and shoes were grouped together in decades which reflected the age. Visitors learned how wars, the economy, jobs, family life, and technology all shaped the way clothing has been designed and produced, and what styles appealed to people in each decade.

The exhibit began with The Victorian Age (1880-1900), and continued with the Edwardian Years (1900-1910), the Great War (1910-1920), the Jazz Age (1920-1930), the Great Depression (1930-1940), World War II (1940-1950), Aprons and Pearls (1950-1960), Mod and Mini Skirts (1960-1970), the “Me” Decade (1970-1980), and finally, From Preppy to Punk (1980-1990). The clothing, hats and shoes were from the Museum collection.

1950's fashion1900's fashion1940's fashion

1960's fashion1970's fashion

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