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Office Staff & General Office Information

The Brown County State’s Attorney’s Office:  
  • Prosecutes crimes committed in Brown County against the State of South Dakota;
  • Provides assistance to victims of crime;
  • Handles juvenile matters occurring in Brown County;
  • Prosecutes violations of county ordinances;
  • Provides legal advice to county officials;
  • Provides legal representation to Brown County and county officials concerning county civil matters. 

Note: By law, the State’s Attorney and his full-time Deputies are not allowed to either provide legal advice to private citizens or to engage in the private practice of law.

Detailed Department Information

Chris White, Brown County State’s Attorney
(Overall office administration, selected criminal matters, and civil matters involving the county and county officials) 
Legal Assistant / Office Manager:  Penny Hart

Legal Assistant: Kristi Vetter

Ryan Vogel, Chief Deputy State’s Attorney
(Felony cases)   Legal Assistant:  Kristi Vetter

Karly Winter, Deputy State’s Attorney
(Juvenile matters)   Legal Assistant:  Jessica Rychlik

Ernest Thompson, Deputy State’s Attorney
(Misdemeanor cases)   Legal Assistant:  Tracy Madsen

Jodi Brown, Deputy State’s Attorney
(Domestic Violence cases)   Legal Assistants:  Kristi Vetter & Jessica Rychlik

Larry Lovrien, Deputy State’s Attorney
(civil/commission)   Legal Assistant: Penny Hart

Brittany O’Day, Victim Specialist

The State’s Attorney’s Office does not generally investigate crimes. 

To report a crime, contact one of the following law enforcement agencies:

Within the City of Aberdeen:  The Aberdeen Police Department 

Outside the City of Aberdeen:  The Brown County Sheriff